There is less than a week before the first day of winter and everything is pretty much dead or hibernating. Around this time of year we barely see any color except for those from Christmas lights. During winter I gravitate towards monochrome outfits. The good ol’ black and white combo but after seeing this done time and time again it can get boring. A monochrome outfit is not only limited to the two most basic colors (or tones if you please) on the color spectrum; you can also add gray. Gray isn’t the most exciting color, I know, but it can add something new to your outfit. To refresh the look you can try wearing a printed cardigan.

tumblr_ng4m7iJ4NB1qkv30do1_500 Black-and-White-Outfit-with-Oversized-Cardigan-Wear-Mono-This-Season

Starting with the beloved white shirt and black pants combo, which has been worn to death, resurrected, and worn again, you can add different accessories to jazz it up. For instance, instead of plain black pants you can wear a hounds tooth print.

image2 image1 (2)

Another thing to do to renew the monochrome look is to add accessories such as rings, scarfs, coats, faux fur stoles, colorful shoe, and sunglasses.

image5 image6


Including gray can also have a dramatic effect. Gray gives someone something else to look at. People believe that your clothes say a lot about you so why not take a chance?

tumblr_nfl3zeHVUS1qdsqp6o1_500 tumblr_ngf0v2YBPu1qih4rao1_500


Or if you’d rather stay with the classic all white or all black look go ahead. When wearing all of the same color remember to wear different textures so everything doesn’t look so solid.

image3 tumblr_nft5m8kWwc1qih4rao1_500


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